Sisters Committee

Engaging and working with women is one of the top priorities and concerns of the American Moslem Society (Women are the twin halves of men). To this end, the Sisters Committee was formed. Its goal is to address women’s issues through various activities that mirror the activities of other AMS committees and are appropriate to the nature of women and their important role in society. The committee works to raise women’s educational, cultural and social awareness through weekly lessons, lectures and various annual activities for women and girls.

These include :

  • ^Weekly lectures for women and children in Arabic and English.
  • ^The annual summer program for young women and children.
  • ^Workshops on various topics, including marriage, leadership training, education, social engagement, immigration, and mental and physical health.
  • ^Classes to teach the Holy Quran and the Arabic language.
  • ^Community service activities such as cleaning the neighborhood, distributing food to the needy, and visiting patients in hospitals and care homes.
  • ^Arranging graduation, Ramadan, and Eid celebrations.
  • ^Cultural trips and competitions and other recreational activities for different ages.
  • ^Counseling and guidance for women and girls.

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