Coldwater, Michigan

Address : 129 Perkins St, Coldwater, MI 49036
Tel : (517) 278-6291
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Coldwater Branch in the city of Coldwater, Michigan :

In 1980, a small house was purchased and converted into a mosque, where Muslims performed their five daily prayers and attended lessons and lectures. As the number of people increased, the mosque was expanded three times in succession. However, in 2007, the local community decided to buy a building nearby and convert it into a mosque. The mosque is composed of two prayer halls for men and women, the administration office, a public library, and Al-Farook school for teaching the Holy Quran and the Arabic language. The branch provides many services and activities including: Educational services through two schools, Al-Farook school for the Arabic language and Islamic studies, with 250 students, and Al-Saddiq school for teaching the Holy Quran, with 160 students.Education and lectures for men and women.Marriage contract services and divorce proceedings.Islamic and cultural knowledge competitions.Sports and youth activities.Field trips and recreational activities.Eid al-Fitr and Adha Festivals.Religious and social counseling services for the community. Because the current mosque is no longer large enough for its community and youth activities, the American Moslem Society in Coldwater decided to build a new, integrated center. The proposed building has been planned and approved by the city office, and we ask Allah to help us see this project through.

Kendallville, Indiana

Address : 802 Sawyer Rd, Kendallville, IN 46755
Tel : (260) 318-2432
Kendallville Branch, in the city of Kendallville, Indiana :

Muslims in Kendallville, Indiana and the neighboring areas were praying in a place that did not meet the specifications to be a mosque or a school. So in 2008, the American Moslem Society purchased a spacious building and opened the Kendallville Branch mosque. The building consists of several prayer halls for men and women, a Quranic school for teaching the Quran and the Arabic language, and a management office.And now, thanks to Allah, the mosque serves more than 120 families. Muslims learn about their religion, Islamic ethics, and improving the community. There are sports, recreational and social activities available for the Muslim community, and many joint activities with neighboring Islamic centers. The school reaches about 130 students, and children learn the Holy Quran, the Arabic language, and Islamic principles.

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